For those of you that don't know me I'm DJ Ellis Dee.

I've been playing and making music since 1988 when the Acid scene in London first hit and have DJ'd on the domestic and international circuit and continue to do so.

I co own Academix Records with a partner and I take care of the day to day running of the label.

I was part of the group Rhythm Section that produced dance hits like "Coming on Strong" and "Dreamworld" alongside Rennie Pilgrem, Richard Thake (MK13) and Nick Newton.

I was co owner of Collusion Records that released Jungle/Drum & Bass in the 90's when it all started and I'm connected to most people in the industry.

Academix is the next chapter on my musical journey and is setup to release quality Jungle & Drum & Bass to an ever increasing audience and we will be featuring some of the well known names in the scene to collaborate with in our release schedule so make sure you check the site for future developments.


Ellis Dee


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